Vivid Colors

I have to admit something. I had a dream to be an artist since i was in Elementary school.
But, fate gave another way. Another thing, until i grow up to Senior high school girl, i was still profound painting and sketching.

Now on, i'm nothing in painting. But i can't keep but i'm falling in love if i'm seeing enormous colors and lines built to be a beautiful drawing.

I'm often astonished by beautiful and brilliant painting.
Here some painting that i loved which i got from the website.


The Other Girl 2010
Oil on Linen
Michelle del Campo - Close Strangers 2010

Urban Chic 2008
Michelle del Campo

Girl Seated with three guys (Dypitch)
Oil on Canvas
Michelle del Campo 2007

Sitting in circle 2008
Oil on linen
Michelle del campo 2012

Besides, i'm also captivated by Gravin Brown's touch... with plenty of flowers around... His painting bring me to the old time, where red and black dominate the emotional feeling. For me...It's kinda showing the power... the control, when freedom has no limitation.

I have no mastery about art perspective, but this what i'm thinking about Brown's art...

 "Mr. Brown world is populated by richly colored graffiti-like images of people and situations where fleshy faces and tattooed skin compete for attention with birds, fruit and flowers" 
(the cool hunter.net)

Showing the drama by talking with the vivid colors.

Between the sadness, curiosity and beauty...

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